agency: Y&R New Zealand
creative director: Guy Denniston
creative director: Gavin Siakimotu
agency producer: Marique Knight
creative services: Claire Dooney
sound design: Liquid Studios

The guys at Y&R NZ approached EA to help create a motion and stills piece for this year's CFE campaign for the 38th Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD) Awards. This year's campaign theme is 'digging deep' celebrating the tenacity shown by creatives aiming to strike gold at AWARD. Says Guy Denniston, CD at Y&R NZ: "Having those big ideas is explained away with words like 'inspiration' and 'flashes of brilliance', but the reality is much more boring. Doing great creative just takes a lot of hard work. It takes digging deeper, past all the shit ideas, all the mediocre ideas and the pretty good ideas. This campaign celebrates the real graft behind the craft." It was all hands on deck at EA to turn this motion project around in time for the CFE. The whole thing was created in CGI out of individual pieces of paper, with the flexibility to be sculpted to mimic the scale and structure of a real open cut mine. The challenge was to keep the textures and scale realistic and to ensure the piece didn't just look technically correct but also beautifully cinematic. We were thrilled the guys asked us to be involved, an amazing team effort by all.