dexion shelving

agency:  Fenton Stephens 
creative director: Alex Fenton
head of art on dinosaur: Nyto Lay
production: Simon Antonis


The opportunity to create a T-Rex doesn't come around every day. We were briefed to create this one to advertise shelving systems for museums & our CGI guys were all over it! Both the room interior & dinosaur were created entirely in CGI. Special attention was given to the lighting & hand painted textures to ensure authenticity.

Fenton Stevens had an interesting proposition for a sales brochure. Rather than just presenting shelving as is, they abstracted the images to encourage the potential client to think about how they use shelving and organise space. To do this, they needed images that presented the kinds of things that would live on or in the storage units floating in a consistent "gallery" space.

The challenge was to lock down a point of view & a space that would accommodate everything from a drill to a car, & light the objects beautifully. What would have been near impossible photographically was marginally more possible in CGI.

This concept focuses on the technology behind Dexion's shelving products. The challenge was to create a large scale interior with modern art gallery styling. A series of 6 sculptures were created entirely from LCD screens, robotic arms, cable systems & lasers and placed within a CGI environment. A short animation of the hero sculpture was also created.