ge ecoimagination centre

agency:  Imagination Sydney
creative strategy director asia pacific:  Chris Dobson
ecd:  Al Petrie
senior copywriter:  Ryan Sequeira
digital cd:  David Clarke
digital art director:  Dhani Sutanto
technical lead:  Slawomir Jasinski
lead creative developer:  Pete Shand
creative developer:  Tom Byrne
creative developer:  Clinton Davis
senior agency producer:  Jo Yates
senior digital producer:  Jon Rout
digital producer:  Joko Wang

Imagination Sydney approached us to help articulate their design vision on this unusual & challenging brief. The agency wanted to create a physical 3D city as a centrepiece for a huge installation in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. The purpose of the 3D city was to depict GE's proposition for an energy-efficient design & planning future for the Middle East.

The scope of the project was enormous – hundreds of buildings had to be designed in CGI, then physically machined or hand built out of perspex to cover the 5m x 3m installation. Mosques, railway stations, coal plants, wind farms, residential & a modern middle eastern CBD all had to be intricately 3D modelled in such a way that they could be machined by computer within the Chinese based model making facility. High resolution screens were installed beneath the solid perspex city to project complex graphics to describe various scenarios & stories. EA also produced a range of highly detailed animations for the facility to further support the physical city.

EA's talented Pete Commins did an amazing job articulating the design so that it appeared intricate & beautiful when viewed up close as well as iconic from a distant. This was a great exercise in design simplification, so that the user could determine from a distance the purpose of a specific building or city area. The exhibition is now a base for training & innovation for businesses and students across the Middle East.  

You can learn more about the creation & installation of the GE Ecomagination Centre here.