Agency: McCann Healthcare Sydney
Executive Creative Director: June Laffey
Art director: Thomas Dirnberger
Account Manager: Charlie Cooper
Programming & interaction: Wasabi
Client: Janssen

McCann Healthcare commissioned Electric Art to be involved in what may just be the ultimate project - the creation of a foosball interactive quiz! The agency came up with a clever concept to engage Gastroenterologists attending a conference. The idea was to encourage them to participate in a knowledge quiz against some of the diseases that they were trying to fight.

We teamed up with the clever people at Wasabi who realised the programming and interactive end of the project. The mighty Janssen team took on the IBD disease states in the entirely CGI created quiz. Based on mechanical tin toys of old and board games from the 50s and 60s, the whole experience took on a retro look and feel.

Electric Art created a graphically rich, quirky retro interactive environment that was real and engaging. EA's CGI artist Pete Commins lent his considerable skills to animating the project and creating retro characters. The feedback from the conference was that it was a spectacular success and the project went on to win a number of healthcare awards. Result!