Kit Kat Bites:
agency: JWT Sydney 
CD:  John Lam 
junior art director:  Pat Allenby 
junior copywriter:  Elliot White
account director:  Rhys Arnott 
production manager:  Phillip  Ball 
project manager:  Sophire Wright

Aero Bubbles:
agency: JWT Sydney
senior art director:  Leo Barbosa 
senior copywriter:  Adam Bodfish 
junior art director:  Tim Batterham 
account director:  Rhys Arnott 
production manager:  Phillip Ball 
project manager:  Sophire Wright



EA was briefed to create two clean & beautifully lit visuals in CGI for Nestle's new confectionary. The packs were modelled from supplied artwork. The Aero Balls & Kit Kat bites were modelled in CGI using sample products for reference & enhanced in retouching. The final images look good enough to eat!