agency: Venables Bell & Partners - San Francisco
associate creative director: Matt Miller
art director: Cody Pate
art producer: Marissa Seritella
photography: Stephen Stewart

EA were more than happy to work again with the guys at Venables Bell on the next round of work for Leinenkugel’s. We collaborated with photographer Stephen Stewart, who created another water set in studio & designed the lighting so that all the elements would come together seamlessly in retouching. He beautifully captured the spritzed & iced bottles, honeycomb & hops, plus the water surfaces including reflections & splashes. Metallic labels were printed in the US for the new products & sent over for us to spritz, ice & shoot here on set. The honeycomb itself was delicious, really sticky & rather complicated to shoot. Multiple options of both the hops & the honey were shot by Stephen on different angles to match the initial mockups & comped together. The hops were flown in from South Australia, fascinating to know what the hops in your beer actually looks like! The backgrounds, characters in the canoes & honey bee's were created using a mix of stock & EA Library imagery.

The team at Electric Art is great to work with! I have had the pleasure of dealing with them on 2 different projects over the years. EA being based in Sydney was not an issue for us at all, in fact it was a bonus to be able to wake up to a new round first thing in the morning. That gave us the whole day to review and put together feedback and approvals and still stay on schedule. Even when things were a bit of a crunch they were so positive and came up with solutions to make things look great and were still conscious of budget. I look forward to working with them again and would recommend them to anyone else in a heartbeat.

Marissa Serritella
Senior Art Producer