agency: Workshop   
creatives: Lucy Edison & Ben Muzyka-Gordon
agency producer: Lisa Vulesica
photography of tea bag execution: Stock & Electric Art in-house  
photography of ice green tea execution: Gary Heery

lipton ice green tea

EA was commissioned by Workshop to create a Lipton print/POS visual for the local market based on a TVC from the US. EA created a series of test comps & pre visualisations to work out the best way to depict the transition & the water effect and to determine the best pose, background location & lighting. This also enabled the client to see early on in the process how the finished image would look & allowed many of the creative and technical problems to be resolved before we commenced shooting. Working this way also ensured a faster sign off process.

The approach required was a blend of CGI for the water, body and leaves and photography for the talent & background.  EA asked long time collaborator Gary Heery to work his magic with shooting the talent, while EA covered the shooting of background options & HDR's required for the CGI & base background plates.  Our CGI department used a Particle System for the leaves.The talent's body was modeled & rendered out with many different options created in order to allow for various amounts of refraction & highlights. These elements were combined in retouching.

lipton tea bags

We created the pack & the tea leaves in CGI using a particle system & shot the background here at EA in our in-house studio. We sourced stock for the tea cup & then blended all the elements together in retouching to create this fresh & uplifting little visual.