agency:  Leo Burnett Sydney
creatives:  Brendan Donnelly & Guy Futcher
agency producer:  Michelle Browne
photographer:  Stephen Stewart
photography producer:  Geraldine Quinn
food stylist:  Sally Parker
special effects:  Mark Guffogg @ Rocket Models

We worked with an awesome team on this job which made this complicated brief a whole lot easier. The agency commissioned Stephen Stewart to shoot the ice cream, waffle cone, syrup & frozen coke.

The hero ingredients were flung around on set using Mark from Rocket Model's amazing rigs & captured by Stephen mid splat to give us lots of great detailed material. The frozen coke was shot in numerous dynamic splash shapes to achieve enough variation. 

EA created a CG simulation to provide reference for the stages of the smashing cone & then these cone fragments were shot in a number of different positions to allow maximum flexibility. It was a pretty messy shoot, with everyone on set wearing a considerable amount of frozen coke by the end of the day!

EA sculptured most of the cone syrup in CGI, adding some extra photographic elements. All the components were then seamlessly blended together in post to create these dynamic & iconic visuals.