navy recruitment SUBMARINES

agency: GPY&R Melbourne
ecd: Ben Coulson
art director: Ant Simmons
copywriter: Alex Wadelton
creative services: Sam Joy

EA combined photography, retouching & CGI imagery to bring to life GPY&R's Navy recruitment campaign. The concept aims to encourage people to join the Australian Navy as Submariners, with the headline asking "Have you got what it takes"?

The first step was to model a Royal Australian Navy Collins class submarine and then compare the rough typography against the real submarine to see what topographical tricks & morphs were required to make the type look like a submarine, yet still be readable. Different lighting & oceanic conditions appear in each execution & various angles were explored.

EA Creative Director Bruce Bigelow explains "The Challenge with this job was to create something that was readable, realistic, involving, atmospheric & beautiful all at the same time. The Navy job is a great example of how you can create something out of nothing. This campaign demonstrates perfectly how art directors & retouchers can work together to achieve the best possible result, and is a great window into our world at Electric Art."