agency:  Fenton Stephens Melbourne
creative director: Alex Fenton 
art director: Aaron Tyler 
senior account manager: Hannah Turner

This was pretty much a dream job from the guys over at Fenton Stephens. EA were briefed to modernise the famous Ryobi Samurai to create a more modern, kickass version. We created a realistic, dynamic 4 second animation for the TVC end frame as well as detailed images for online & POS. The character design phase explored the extremes of what the Samurai could be, from a slightly modernised traditional character to a more exaggerated superhero. Elements were taken from both ranges, eventually settling on a hybrid.

Strong links to a traditional samurai (swords, helmet design, sandals, underclothing) were given a twist with materials like lacquered metal & rubber to reach the current design, which was built in CGI & rigged with incredible detail. Pete Commins did an incredible job on the character design & the modeling.