agency: Y&R New Zealand
executive creative director: Josh Moore
associate creative director: Tom Paine
art director: Mark Tallis
copywriter: Cam Dowsett
senior account manager: Mike Keen
agency head producer: Christina Hazard
agency producer: Marique Knight
talent photography: Troy Goodall
animal photography: Stephen Stewart

We loved the concept of this brief & knew it had the potential to look amazing. Several test comps were done initially to explore the size, type, colour & position of the animal. We settled on a mixture of ferrets for the limbs, face & tail & rabbits for the softer fuller fur of the body.

The agency street cast an awesome range of hipsters & Troy worked his magic shooting the selected talent in Auckland. Stephen did a great job shooting the furry critters matching the portrait lighting & posing the animals to match our rough comps.

Our menagerie consisted of 6 ferrets & 9 rabbits, all various colours. The rabbits were the best looking of the bunch although the ferrets had all the personality & a rather.. unique.. smell about them.

A million furry captures later & we had a fantastic bank of material. The rough comp was remade in high res with input from the creatives & Troy. A super challenging deadline was made achievable thanks to an awesome team effort!  The campaign recently picked up two silvers at AWARD , one for Outdoor & another for EA for Print Craft - Digital Manipulation & Enhancement. 


Senior Retoucher Inness Robins directing our model 'Bunny'

Senior Retoucher Inness Robins directing our model 'Bunny'