sony alpha

agency: Havas Sydney
executive creative director: Tim Green
art director: Seamus Higgins
creative services director: Warrick Nicholson
HDR dome: Maground

This image for Sony Alpha was one of the most technically & visually challenging campaigns we have worked on for some time. The campaign aims to shatter the myth that DSLR style cameras are the only way to achieve high-end photographs & highlights that mirrorless is the way of the future. EA had to capture in sharp, uncompromising detail, using only CGI, the split second shatter of a large mirror in the desert. We searched worldwide for the right HDR environment dome to create the perfect lighting conditions, background & reflections for the spectacular moment of impact. We used a system of CGI simulations to create numerous shatters & finally settled on one that was close to the TVC campaign. The camera itself was created in CGI in great detail & retouching finessed & graded the visual to add to it’s overall reality & beauty.