spring valley

agency: GPY&R Melbourne
art director: Andrew Jones
agency producer: Jess Thompson
photographer: Stephen Stewart



EA jumped at the chance to bring to life this engaging visual for GPY&R art director, Andrew Jones. The brief was to realistically create the look of a series of hanging glass bottles containing beautiful fresh oranges still hanging from the tree. The final image needed to resemble an art installation highlighting the iconic Spring Valley glass bottles.

Multiple test comps were worked up in the early stages to get an idea of how the composition would look in terms of number & size of bottles plus amount of fruit & leaves. We then based the shoot on the favoured test comp.

Photographer & EA collaborator Stephen Stewart worked along side us to capture all the required components. These included elements shot separately, inside & behind the glass for maximum realism and flexibility. Multiple cut leaves & branches were shot specifically to match the test comp. Overall a very technically challenging job.