tooheys extra dry

agency: BMF Sydney
ECD: Dylan Taylor
CD: Shane Bradnick
art director: Corrine Goode
head of print: Libby Hams
art buyers: Sarah Thompson, Bas Salleh & Charlotte Cohen
photographer: Stephen Stewart @ The Kitchen
stills production: The Kitchen
NZ line producer: Geraldine Quinn

BMF approached EA to determine how to create this striking campaign for Tooheys Extra Dry. Considerable time was spent in pre-production in order to establish the best approach. Ultimately we decided a straight shoot & retouch would produce the best results for the layouts.

EA contacted photographer & long time collaborator Stephen Stewart to shoot the required images. The background locations were shot around Sydney & the deer (yes, they're real!) were shot in NZ. Stephen excelled under difficult conditions to capture all the required shots & angles within a limited time frame & budget. Inness from EA was retouching on location at the shoot, doing rough comps on the fly on numerous angles & poses, to ensure all the elements worked.

Rough compositions were worked up with Stephen & Corrine using the massive library of captured images, then finalized with the agency and client. The background street scene was built up from a combination of various photographed signs & created artwork. Some of the deer required multiple captures to achieve the correct look. The bottle was supplied but reworked to incorporate the floating logo and appear integrated within the scene.

Overall, an exciting and challenging campaign for the whole team!