toyota rav4 - live for adventure

agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney
creative director: Steve Carlin
art director: Darren Borrino
art buyer: Skye Houghton
photography: Stock & EA Image Library

EA was all up for the challenge of creating an amazing visual for the new RAV4 "Live for Adventure" concept. The brief called for an enticing & dramatic depiction of the kind of world a RAV4 driver can experience.

The car as well as the base for the type & cliffs were created in CGI. We created an initial rough comp to get the basic composition worked out, the car angle & lighting direction were pre visualized in CGI before filling in the details with additional photography & images from our EA Image Library.

We needed to ensure that the composition could work across multiple formats & then we adapted accordingly. The fade to white edges creative was a requirement of the initial brief & helped create the sense of the scene being an amazing mix of places rather than a real single location. Overall an epic project utilising every department at EA.