toyota thermo

agency: Publicis Mojo Sydney
creative director: Micah Walker
art director: Dave Gibson
art buyer/producer: Alison Dunlop
photographer: Greg White
photography producer: M.A.P. Sydney

Working with UK based photographer Greg White, EA had to comp together the fire & ice testing facility to create print executions matching the TVC. The tunnel section around the car & the fire and ice blasters were set builds. These components plus hundreds of captures of flamethrower blasts (including a car being hit with the flamethrower) were all shot by Greg for reference & comping material. This process was repeated with a fire extinguisher for the ice blast / liquid nitrogen effect. Additional frosty ice texture was added to the car in post. The car was shot separately & lit to match the flaming smoky environment. Great source images led to a very striking final image.

EA was also commissioned to create an ipad ad based on the TVC. Users were encouraged to activate effects such as fire and ice & then interactively rub them away to reveal the hero car.