Subaru WRX Impreza

photographer: Darren Capp
agency: Leo Burnett
art director: Kieran Antill
production: Mark Dillon

EA were asked to create the ultimate room for the WRX. The 3d department were briefed to create something like a schnazzy cool room.

Armed with this direction the team sat down to draw architectural sketches before moving to grey render stage. Once the sketches were perfected, the 3D department built a reference car model to place in the environment, in order to capture the reflections of the chandelier in the car, and the car on the icy/ frosty surface beneath it. Once created in the 3d environment these reflections were applied to the photographed car, in order to embed it seamlessly into the room. The ice and frost were rendered in 3D complete with scratches and tyre marks.