western union

agency: Loud
art director: Artur Weber
agency producer: Lawrence Katsidis
photography: stock & EA Image Library

The opportunity to design your own tropical island doesn't come around very often so we were very happy to work on this brief for Sydney agency Loud & their client Western Union. We started with a CGI base & then used a mixture of supplied stock & EA Image Library captures to create the detail. The stock shot search was very involved as we needed to source the right type of environment at the correct altitude with the most natural lighting conditions. Moving mountains around & creating waterfalls & little sandy coves is a lovely way to spend some time & gave us the chance to do what we do best - play god!

Trawling images of tropical islands led us to this great site privateislandsmag. It's worth a browse if you are in the market to buy or rent your own piece of paradise.